Sunday, July 10, 2011

twentyfive percent of 25 before 26

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Just one day until my BIRTHDAY now! This year my love planned a special dinner out yesterday and a picnic today. Monday I'll have to work which will be the first time in a long time that's happened. Oh the woe's of the employed, that's definitely a #firstworldproblem.

 I'm so lucky to have someone so sweet. I'll be sure to take and post lots of pictures.

I'm finally getting to the end of my 25 before 26 goal reflection. I didn't fair to well, but I'm excited to start my 26 before 27. So here we go...!

1. get active at least three two times a week
July - January was the usual couch potato lifestyle for me. Then at the end of January I got the training plan to run my triathlon. (Which I still spell incorrectly, every time. It's not triathAlon.) You can read more about my train4change adventures here. After that I got to the gym at least once a week and most of the two to three to four or five times a week. I saw a difference first in my heart rate recovery and now I can see a substantial difference in the muscles in my legs. After finishing my triathalon I started Super Fit Boot Camp with Fitness Competitor Peggy Sue Barber and I've been doing that for a month. It's hard and exhausting, but I need a serious commitment to keep me moving. (+)
3. visit my grandparents every six to eight weeks
99% success here. The one time I ended up going about 12 weeks between visits it was super obvious that I'd lost the patience I build when visiting every 6-8. They're wonderful people yet incredibly exhausting, getting old has not been kind to them. I'll definitely continue a visiting schedule like this. (+)
4. make a fort in my living room and camp out for a weekend

 Success! We really enjoyed this. I think it may become an annual holiday hideaway, although we have to practice our stability skills. Sam & Lu loved it but... they also enjoyed jumping on it in the night and bringing it all down. jerks. (+)
6. learn to sew clothes (branch out from square purses and pillows)
Aw, what a goal. I made two things on my sewing machine all year... a pillow and a lopsided camera case. So I branched, but it definitely didn't get enough action to learn to sew clothes. Jill of Today I Saw shared her dream of sewing dresses. So inspiring. (-)
7. ride my bike to work (buy a bike)
I rode this distance more than once in prep for the 12 mile tri, but a bike out to work wasn't in the cards with this lame weather we've had this spring. I'm not so sure about this lofty goal anymore. (-)
8. make and actively stick to a budget, if it's not in the budget don't buy it, no more retrospective
My revised budgeting document for twenty11 has helped, but I still haven't made budget yet. I'm not quite sure how this all works out, that I'm not in debt. This is going to get even more important as Matt and I want to travel and for a big party (also known as one day). (-)
9. buy toms
 I decided in that I would only buy Tom's if I actually stuck to my budget for a month. So, no Tom's for me. Not even the new glasses! {whoa! pricey} (-)
10. go a week without the internet
hahahahaha. I considered it a couple of times. But no. Matt laughed when he read this. (-)
13. learn make frames for odd sized posters
I ended up getting the matte made at Michael's and my awesome momma made the frame. So I didn't ever learn,  but I didn't need to. (-)
16. learn something and laugh everyday
I definitely try to. The laughing part isn't too hard. (+)

17. live deeper (+)
I believe so.
20. create a backyard oasis
On Mother's day Mom, Santi, and I worked and got about a 10 foot wide x 20 feet deep are cleaned of the evil Virginia Creeper (20 yard bags!), but that's been our one BIG yard work day. Literally, every weekend since then has been packed with plans. I'm just trying to keep up with the little weeds and pruning the roses, but not even really succeeding there. (-)

24. fireworks & cedar point.
Of course we got to see fireworks on the 4th! and it was lovely. I didn't got any pictures because I was enjoying them TOO MUCH! We've been too darn busy to get to Cedar Point... (+/-)
The rest :  

25. learn to like the number twenty-six {coming soon.}

So I didn't do too well. I wrote out my list and pretty much forgot about it. This year I'm going to post the list somewhere that I remember it. Like I said in my mindful eating post I'll take the time to think about how I'm going to accomplish them before the year is almost up. I'm also going to have a tangible list I can actually cross things off of!

Do you write lists of things you want to accomplish before your next birthday? I'd love to read them.

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