Tuesday, July 5, 2011

go find yourself, but you may have already

via NeonGypsy
If you're looking for inspiring words regarding finding yourself or happiness, I recommend Neon Gypsy. Also, Brunette Bombshell Meg please check out her words, they are breathtaking. This quote she shared, read it.

2. spend a weekend away, just me
No, I didn't do this. In September, the summer foolishness ended and then in October this one made his appearance. So no, I didn't get the chance to RUN AWAY and FIND MYSELF in little hotel on a big lake. But he found me and it made me RIDICULOUSLY happy.
5. road trip with no destination
I still love this idea, but I also love making plans. Matt doesn't love road trips as much as I would have hoped my dreamboat [dreamboat? yes, dreamboat certainly works here.] would... that he would bring that side out in me. And I'm happy with the time on the road we do have.   So no, no go here but maybe this also goes back to #2.
11. journal every other day more / 19. start & finish style school & tell your story
See 2 & 5 - I learned almost as soon as I started dating Matt that I don't journal when I'm happy, I'm too busy being happy and spending time with the one who makes me happy. I still would like to Art Journal, chronicling moments that are special or normal. I've got the supplies hoardedstockpiled.

Don't get me wrong, there's definitely a draw to the idea that you could take a drive and find a bit of yourself, to come home a more complete you. Vivienne McMaster tells that beautiful story. I have always wished I had a bit more bohemian in me, but maybe this quote from Francesca Lia Block sums it, and me, up quite well.

"I wish I wasn’t a girl who needed so much but a little free creature that slept in deserts and ran on clouds and lived on lilies." “Violet & Claire” Francesca Lia Block

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