Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a photo an hour for... 98 hours?!

Thanks to Amy's most recent a little of this a little of that post I became aware of Ali Edwards' Week In The Life week/event coming up next week. I'm planning to play along, because all you really need to start is your camera/phone/pen (if you're an illustrator, which I am not, but how cool would that be) and, oh, a pen and piece of paper to catalog your day.

I was just thinking this weekend that I would like to do a "day in the life/picture every hour post" like James {bleubird} . Kyla . Kaylah {dainty squid} . and I'm sure many others have.

We'll see where this takes me. I may end up with a bunch of semi-cruddy pictures and scribbled notes that I never do anything with. It'll be fun along the way.

I know that "tackling the "putting together" phase of Week In The Life will be the hardest part. Maybe if I purchase a fancy Scrapbooking Kit it will motivate me.

(must remember budget. save, save, save.) But I won't, I will just swoon!

So expect to see WEEK IN THE LIFE | 2011 JULY 25th – JULY 31st here on the bloggyblog! And hopefully a bit of scrapping/journalling in the following weeks.


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