about me.

Hello there! Thanks for finding your way to my little blog.

I AM : Kate, 26. in love. a kitty momma. always trying to find the balance. (between laziness and activity and crafty goodness and dreaming and laziness.) a home owner. an occasional list maker. a clutter bug. a KatyBug. a film programmer. an office professional. almost always inspired.

I LOVE : Matt, my family, my friends, LAUGHING, thunderstorms, having all of my clothes clean on one day, food and drink, bodies of water, trying to get fit, TELEVISION, blog reading, traveling, book reading, my yard {some days}. color.

I BLOG : about the things I love and the things I am, occasionally, when inspired or prompted, and you can see the full list at the bottom of the page. FIVE descriptive words I picked for my blog are : lists, love, nerd, wishful, random (listed here)


  All photos from my blog, it's like a scavenger hunt.


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