Thursday, November 15, 2012

I consume a lot of media.


A self-confessed tv junkie since the age of eight. I follow 100+ blogs. I'm falling in love with podcasts. I have enough books to fill a room. I receive, by choice, oodles of emails every day, yes oodles. Add to that facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter what I'm trying to say is:

I consume a lot of media. 

It is starting to become slightly exhausting and overwhelming. (or always has been) I want to share so much of what I read and see and yet never quite get to posting what is so wonderful about each thing because there is always something new to consume and discover.

I don't know how to break it down. Of course, I want to go out and read the latest well-articulated thing, see the cutest outfit, pin a great idea. Yet.. What do I take away from that article? Who will I share it with? Am I going to wear that outfit or ever get to pet that cat? Will I get around to try to make those cool wine bottle glasses?

I don't think so, because soon I'm on to the next thing. Vicious cycle. I said to Matt on Monday, sometimes I feel like a link hoarder. No lie.

Anyway, I want to share some of the things I'm reading and maybe make this a more frequent occurrence.

How To Be An Administrative Assistant | Thought Catalog

Twenty-Seven by Adriane Quinlan | The Awl I now want to read all the things written by her, particularly this with a big box of tissues.

attraction and expectation by meg. I've basically already read all the things written by her. I suggest you do the same.

Meg's post also lead me to Motley Mama. Who seems to have some great content I might peruse. It seems there was a lot of hoopla on her blog last week. I can't even imagine. Truly, I can't, particularly concerning abusive relationships. Makes me ill. It's one of those times that I wish I hadn't learned about a particular "school of thought." It's hard to comprehend. Though as I continue to think on it, maybe it helps me understand that gap between what I believe. as a liberal, agnostic. and what others less conservative than Zoe believe.* It also makes me incredibly grateful to be surrounded by intelligent, self-sufficient, and empowered women.**

This post about defining yourself on social media. Particularly topical to this post, my first read of the day so possibly why I'm writing this now.

*I guess there are things more concerning than link hoarding.
**The oxford comma making a reappearance?


Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day 2012

It's never been a question to me if I would vote in a Presidential election or not. We're electing our country's representative and leader for the next four years. That person is someone that I would like to represent my views. I'm proud to say that although I don't follow politics closely (they're so politic-y) everyday I'm proud to support President Barack Obama tomorrow and a few months ago and four years ago.

You don't have to vote for everything, but you should vote. Here are 10 very good reasons why from Rachel. Not convinced? Want me to tell you you suck? No, okay well here are more reasons, just overlook the suck part.

And if you so happen to be reading my blog in the Great Lake Bay Region, do remember to vote for the Delta College millage renewal! This millage will support our community college and all of of the students and much more.

Matt and I are going to go to vote together after work. Do you know when you're going? If not...


Sunday, November 4, 2012


even though i should have probably taken advantage of the fact that it feels an hour later than it actually is and and have gone to bed i didn't.

instead i'm here posting a monthly goal list. hello november. i've got a few good ones for you.

in november i would like too... consciously thankful every day. on our list of house projects
...decorate a cozy home for the christmas holiday a super fun shopping weekend
...develop well thought out christmas gift lists for myself and others.
...move my body more (habit) well, but don't overdo it

i had a thought the other day, self-care can't only be self-indulgence. tough one for me. i'm not sure where i'm going to take it from there.

november: elise. andrea, hula70. freckled italian, megan.

and now if the clocks hadn't fallen back the living room light would have gone out which signifies it time to sleep. sleep tight friends. wear a lovely scarf tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

from SAM & LULU!!

and my feet

and this yummy fall drink.
maple bourbon cider. recipe.

and my hopefully not quite not on the nose Halloween-day shirt.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

the final haul of tomatoes

After the heat being on in the house for a week and a few nights close to or at freezing I decided on Thursday it was time to clean out the front bed. An hour later, into the dark and four big bowls of goodies later I ended up with all of this. This morning I sorted through all of it and tried to get the dirt off it as best as I could. We have a lot of tomatoes and peppers to eat and quite a few that will get green over the next few weeks! My mom told sometimes you can have homegrown tomatoes at Christmas, wouldn't that be cool?

I think I'll be making these sunovendried tomatoes soon. yum!

Some things I learned from tomato-ing this year:
Trim the plants back as they grow, even though there might be a smaller yeild that yield will probably be tastier and grow quicker.
We're not really fans of beefsteak tomatoes. Variety.
Be ready to stake peppers and tomatoes as the grow.
Use bigger tomato cages.

I loved watching elise's backyard garden this year. Lots of inspiration, none of tomatoes were ever this red!

Previous hauls this summer:

Friday, October 12, 2012

our day in one year

One year from today (the date, not the day) I will be marrying my best friend, my love. I am so, so geeked!

We'll be tying the knot here, the Bay City Country Club:

With Bryan & Mae to document the day.

Sometimes our day is the only thing I want to think, talk about, look for inspiration for and plan. I'll probably be sharing some of our planning process and lots of APW links.

Our next step is to talk food, invitations and flowers.

Get geeked along with me, won't you?! ;) 365 days

Thursday, September 27, 2012


It's been a weird month money wise. A baby shower and a wedding that had me spending more than usual on fun, fun gifts. Family in town  had me up late into the night on two separate occasions and craving grease in the morning and all through the day. Adjusting to being responsible with my cash and not spending wily-nily, although there's been some of that going on.

Which is really, what I'm here to tell you about! All of the lovely things are making their way to me!

Sometimes a girl wants to spend a little money. #consumerism.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Here we are half way through September, and I'm ready to consider it Fall. I've celebrated by breaking out the long sleeves, wearing a few sweaters, enjoying a pumpkin spice latte, a salted caramel mocha, and a pumpkin chai.

Fall brings open windows, crisp air flowing through house, football, Matt making chili, a squash & stout extravaganza, tea drinking in the evenings, halloween!

Fall...I love you. Next year we're going to celebrate our love among your colors. How cool is that?!

ps. I'm so resisting the urge to rush out and buy a few new notebooks.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

rape / slutwalk / legitmate

this image is from just over a year ago, but it's as timely now as ever.
(source)   original?  via
i've been angry at the akin news since i woke up to it Monday morning (thanks NPR alarm). i've been wondering if it's more about his lack of knowledge of biology and the human body "the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down" or the use of the term "legitimate rape" that has everyone angry including myself.

here are some articles/posts that i've seen over the past week:,29258/


Saturday, August 4, 2012

happiness, love

Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.— Hafez  (via blua) via cosmic ache

This reminded me of this song...

Happy Saturday! We're enjoying quite the lazy one, but we'll be off soon to get bbq & watch little pigs race. Still lowkey, but out of the house.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Do you ever feel that the beginning of August brings with it the beginning of fall? It's no wonder with the Target aisles full of dorm room swag, Mead 5 Subject notebooks and pencils. As a kid of educators and a lover of school myself, August quickly ramps up with back to school festivities and then the fresh start of school itself.

This year I don't want to rush into fall, because there a great few weeks of summer still ahead of me. TWO vacations! a birthday! a wedding! another boating weekend! delicious bbq & racing pigs! in seasons foods! it's all gonna be so good and I want to enjoy it all. I want to continue to work on my summer list. Look, we have yet to walk to get ice cream! There's lots yet to do.

vacation with matt to the upper peninsula
buy a bicycle and ride it. 

pick blueberries
have a cookout for friends
picnic in the park
purge and organize the craft room and main floor closet and library
rock boat weekend
mini vacation with momma
do a picture a day
spend most of a day floating on a lake, at least once
celebrate birthdays with love and fun and we still have matt's coming up
fresh, local, simple foods and dinners, hello lover august
grow our own stuff
wrap a light string around the apple tree
chicago in the midst of it
get out of the house once a day
walk to get ice cream
visit as many great lakes as possible
make a list like this
make a book to record it all

I'm not the only one trying to hold on to the last bits of summer. Sheenas' beautiful canola background calendar is now gracing my desktop.

Wanderlust is something I'm enjoying a few little bits of this summer. I enjoyed Port Huron and views of the Blue Water Bridge with my momma two weekends ago. Cheboygan last weekend was fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun on the boat, boa-!

heading to hack-ma-tack via the cheboygan river.

Next week I'm off to visit my bestest in ChicagoOak Park. We have grand plans of a real girl's weekend with wine and cheese on the porch, junk food and movies, wandering her town and two full days to catch up!

Then it will be Matt's turn. Five uninterrupted days of vacation in the Upper Peninsula, visiting family soaking ourselves in the lake, a trip to a waterfall or a mine may be in store, definitely some beers and really good food. Much needed relaxation, for reals. Then we'll be home to celebrate his birthday the next weekend. Plans are brewing.

Matt's birthd-eve 2011

I really want to enjoy every bit of it and make the most of the 23 days we'll both be home throughout the month. Make it my goals to enjoy the house, cook fresh food, open the windows and work in the yard a bit, sit outside and enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I think it can be done.

goodness, i love that font. found on elise' blog

Monday, July 9, 2012

12 books before 27

 I am in no way reviewing these, just quick, summary reactions.  


ten. Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral, Kris Radish

reaction: I enjoyed the story of this book, but I wish there had been more interaction of the characters. found it would fall back to "then they talked for hours and their lives changed and intertwined more and more." okay that's fantastic, how? tell me about it.

nine. The Hundred Secret Senses, Amy Tan

reaction: A long, slow read but the dynamic between the sisters develops into something that you ache for, for them. Different than most books I've read before, glad I stuck with it. 

eight. Catching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games), Suzanne Collins

reaction: I'm really not sure if I like these books or not. I know they're quick reads and I like the concept, so I'm plugging through.

seven. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, Lilian Jackson Bruan

reaction: This is the first book in the Cat Who Series. It's weird to read about Qwilleran not in his hometown and be introduced to his faithful felines as someoneelse's cats. Wait, is Yum Yum even in this book?! You'll have to read to find out. ;)

six. Water for Elephants, Sara Gruen

reaction: I love elephants! Rosie was a sweet one (well except that one thing, but that was totally justified). It's certainly not as good as Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived, but I look forward to watching the film.

five. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

reaction: This was another easy, fast read. It's basically what you expect from a book for teens about murdering 23 competitors. The character development was lacking for me in both the book and the movie. I look forward to watching the film again, more removed from reading the book. #teamgail

four.  Winter of the Wolf Moon, Steve Hamilton

reaction: After slowly making my way through Oscar Wao it was relief to read something easy and quick. I put this away in a few days and it was exactly what I was looking for. 
There's no better time to read an Alex McKnight, Paradise, MI book than January.

three. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz.

reaction: It took me forever to read this book. The style is different than any I've ever read, but I made it through and I was entertained, sometimes.

two. Dead Until Dark, Charlaine Harris.

 reaction: I think I might like the tv series better. I might give another book a shot.

one. Blood, Bones, & Butter, Gabrielle Hamilton

 reaction: Yep, I too now want to open a restaurant and read more chef memoirs.
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