Sunday, January 31, 2010

good bye january.

um, so, like, where did my weekend go? i have so much more to do. i did get my craft room, semi-usable. at least i know where things are. i did some laundry, had some fantastic chinese, babied my post-op kitties, and today there was the successful clothes hunt in birch run. i really came away with some cute stuff.

but really, another day please? pretty please?

because there's so much i'd like to do...

1. write in my blog more. the blogs i find most entertaining post regularly. that's obviously not mine. every once and while i come up with a blogging schedule i'd like to stick to but i don't! maybe i'll work on one this week and then next weekend i'll be writing about turning over a new blogging leaf. again.

2. organize my house. it's getting cluttered again. i promised myself this wouldn't happen. maybe if i finished organizing everything then it wouldn't creep up on me. hmm. that's a nice thought.

3. be creative. in many ways. heard from broadcasting in my delta class last week and it inspired me to get involved with video again. i'm not sure how though. i need a day to just sit down and put a real reel together for some of the folks down there. get some solid thoughts down. these ramblings are not solid. and i'm reading these fantastic crafty blogs and they really make me want to get involved in that world.

4. snuggle with the kitties, for ever and ever. and read all day. and catch on project runway. and watch the food network. and sleep. nice things.

okay, i think i'm done with the stream of thoughts for now. i'll leave you with something pretty. 

love, kate

Monday, January 18, 2010

success! (more!)

so i was thinking about my to do list and thinking that i didn't get anything done. wrong!
to do

✓organize office supplies
✓sweep hair from stairs
✓clean bathroom
✓clean kitchen

look at that, i checked the four most important things off my list. awesome!

still to do
organize bathroom and bedroom things
organize craft room
organize style school inspiration bookmarks

now do you think i'm going to work on these things tonight? ha, you're right: nope. i've added other things to my to do list but maybe i'll get to the above.

pay car payment (will pay on wed)
wash front porch
start laundry
sweep and wash back stairs
pay some bills

yess, i am a big dork and post my to do lists in my blog. oh well. it's not like anyone really reads it anyway!

update: i did it i had me some productive time! oh yeah. this is shaping up to be a good week!
i would like to fill my house with bits of beautiful pink.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday afternoon todo.

relaxing morning: check.
productive afternoon: leaving something to be desired.
an online to do list: completely unnecessary and yet a great way to procrastinate for just a minute more!

to do

organize office supplies
sweep hair from stairs
clean bathroom
clean kitchen
organize bathroom and bedroom things
organize craft room
organize style school inspiration bookmarks

if this goes well then i can add more!
and they'll be fun!

a little organization inspiration:

inspiration. overload.

This is my first post of the new year. Welcome to 2010 baby blog! :) I thought I'd be blogging more than this, but I guess not, and I guess it's a good thing I didn't make blogging regularly one of my goals for the new year. Not that I've been doing any of them consistently.... but 8 and 2 are going well. rambling.

So I was moving some of my blog links into google reader - probably a good thing I didn't embrace this tool sooner. addiction. - and discovered the blog of one Kelly Rae Roberts, painter of the piece of art I bought for my new house. So exciting, inspiring, lovely. She and curly headed designs ( really were the start of this creative inspiration (even if I haven't started creating yet). Nice to find her personal blog sponsoring another blog I follow. and to read of her beginning, whispering inspirations. love.

beautiful trouble as i got sucked into reading her posts. its a wonderful world full of creativity and i'm excited to be exploring it now. i think i'm going to sit down and figure out what it is i want to learn from all of this. i haven't started working on any of my resolutions yet and getting focused will really help that.

I just absolutely fell in love with flickr and finally understand it. Sometimes it takes me to long to catch on. Now that I have... well my inspiration file has grown by 15 photos. Thanks Jodi McKee! Project: I need to make a case for my camera, so I can always have it with me!

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