Sunday, April 29, 2012

week in the life: vol 2 / day six SATURDAY

photos taken: 32, all with the iPhone, one processed with instagram.

 Matt bought a new game for his playstation, Limbo. Those damn spiders!
 our morning/most of our day.
 miss lulu loved it. she snuggled. matt napped & did laundry.
a different kind of saturday in some ways but a good one.
 for drinks, venue showing and dinner.
 he drives this time.
 beers at the local brewery.
snack time. 
this time i'm trying over indulgence first and then moderation with the following snacking opportunities.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

week in the life: vol 2 / day five FRIDAY

photos taken: 13, all with the iPhone

 workplace olympics.
 graduation flowers.
 watching birds.
lulu snuggles.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

week in the life: vol 2 / day four THURSDAY

 breakfast, i've bought it every day this week.
 vanilla candle, for admin pro's day.
 receipts. we ate out SO many times this months.
 'nough said.
i decked out my car. 
if you can see, there's a little circle, KNOPP we can. 
Thanks Get Glue.
 pretty blue skies and clouds today.
 a cat visit with Jasmine.
 Lilacs nearly in bloom.
 dinner: cheese, new slate boards, meat, salads, wine.
dinner demolished. 
sometimes a night calls for more than one bottle. ;)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

week in the life: vol 2 / day three WEDNESDAY

Picture overload? Consider it sorrow over my lost Tuesday pictures.

Sam-cat is crazy in the mornings, he's basically addicted to the shower.
 Trash day. We filled all those yard bags last weekend. I was sore for three days. The whole yard looks better than it's looked in over a year, I'd call that success!
92 page views from Monday's post and not a single comment! This is always so surprising to me. Even if  you found my blog boring (cats, wine) wouldn't you comment just so it brought me back to your blog or to say "hey, go you, way to participate"?!
Work, clutter, Admin Professionals week card!
Customary bathroom shot. Leaving a rat in boss's chair for his return. 
Burning sugar beets? My gas mileage has been pretty impressive for the last few weeks.
Prepping dinner. Fab delivery unwrapped, Brooklyn Slate!
Standard salads. Beautiful blooms. Silly Lulu-kitty.

week in the life: vol 2 / day two TUESDAY

Okay blogging from phone not the easiest thing ever.

34 photos taken, highlights below.
last minute assembling; breakfast; snack; enhancing coucous; 
so many leaves, it seems like fall; a good mail day.

Monday, April 23, 2012

week in the life: vol 2 / day one MONDAY

Hi, hi, hi! visitors from Ali's blog! Please stop a moment and say hi! :)

I've always liked the term volume.


breakfast. hello self, all did up, hanging out in the bathroom
workplace buddy, the triceratops
life is hard. being a cat. watching bugs.
he's adorable. and he cooks! <3
day in the life usually has me moving butt on the first day, weeding last year, finally fixing my calendar this year. 
cat {BOOTS (gizmo)} visitor, sam is totally unsure about this. 
dinner {he plates well}. wine. 


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