Thursday, April 19, 2012

meet someone good, me!

first off: Please go here and listen to Adventures of a Misfit Librarian's 90's playlist while reading this. That way I know you'll be smiling while reading this post as I was writing it. You can't go wrong with Barbie Girl!

you can also smile at me with my lowest series of season trophy!
our season is long but it's fun even if you bowl like crud.

After quite a long lapse in blogging I've consciously stepped up my blogging this week knowing I have a stalker out there (hi!!!) thanks to Send Something Good. Last fall I participated when it was Package Pals and it was fun to pull a package together and send it off and get something good back in the mail!

Today the Send Something Good guru's {Gentri, Kaitlyn & Kristy} are starting a link up to get to know participants better. Throughout the day I've clicking into other linked blogs and really liked Misfit's list of details. Here we go...

I am 26.
I live in Michigan. I lived in New York City (Brooklyn & Harlem) for 17 months from January 2008 til June 2009. I miss it some days, but if I'd never come back to Michigan I'd have never met Matt.
Matt and I have been dating for 18 months, longer than I lived in NY?! woah!, and we'll have been living together for a year next month.We are ridiculous in the best of ways. I'm going to save all the juicy details for another post!
I am basically an only child.
I love watching tv {see new side bar!}.
I love Pinterest.
I love reading blogs.
I love food. So much love for the food!
I love beer and wine and mixed drinks (bloody mary's, margaritas, capiriniahs).
I love water. sometimes with lemon.
I am not the picture of health, but I'm trying. I'm learning moderation. Moderation, enjoyment, balance. 
These are the ways I spend most of my time.
I am obsessed with Draw Something.
I am excited to play outside this summer. This winter was mild, but it's time. Yard, you don't know what's about to hit you.
I have two cats, Sam and Lulu.
I want to run an inn; not a bed & breakfast which you must live in all the time, an inn a quint getaway for lovely people that serves up delicious, slow food and a relaxing atmosphere and reminds you to just breathe.

I'm a colorful girl. I'm always wearing some bright pop! Today my socks are bright yellow, I have a pretty purple top on and a great colorful necklace. Color is so fun.

 car wash kate

more stuff i like: sunshine. greeting cards. thunderstorms. scarves. lakes. flowers. getting mail! sending mail! tights. flip flops. instagram.

5 words to describe you or your style: {self} cute, colorful, cozy {home} vintage, eclectic. these are interchangable.

wind storm apple blossoms & room service daisy


Gentri said...

It would be so fun to run an inn! Think of all the great people you would meet!

Deidre Edmunds said...

I have been learning moderation too... I understand you on that one. And the best part is the learning and trying part. Keep it up sister! Hard work pays off. Pinky promise.

Kristy Lynn said...

food is wonderful :)

Glad you're participating in Send Something Good! Talk to you soon!

Joy said...

I need to learn to love water, haha. And my mouth literally fell open when I read you want to open an inn, me too! I laughed when you stated that you don't want a bed in breakfast because almost every time I say I want to own an inn and have a garden people ask "Oh a bed and breakfast?" and I say "No I don't want to live on property." So excited you're involved in Send Something Good!

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