Friday, January 20, 2012

weekly rundown

i thought i might do a fill in the blank post again this week but Lauren and family are welcoming little miss Fern Winter. i wasn't so sure about the name Fern, not that it matters at all, but with the middle name Winter, well i just love them together. congrats!

just three pictures this week via instagram... linking up with Jeannett at Life Rearranged

so how was your week? i'm not sure where mine disappeared to, but i'm thankful it's the weekend! i need some sleep. i started reading The Hunger Games, and i've been reading it in to the late hours of the night. it's so hard to put down!

my boys

i'm debating whether i should invest some mulah in elise's blog 2.0 workshop. i got really geeked about the idea at first, but then i started to debate if learning wordpress design would actually improve my blogging direction (skills, regularity. "mission"). i need to keep considering this. i need to decide if i want to actually be a blogger or just enjoy blogs from an outside perspective.

packing up christmas last weekend.
just over 300 days until it's to unpack it all!

i am on pinterest. finally. i played around with it tuesday night. i'm excited to use it collect all the blog posts and beautiful images i've bookmarked over the last two and half years, or so, in a more visual way. and also revisiting those bookmarks to see what may be projects i'll actually do! do you pinterest? is pinterest a verb? have you found lots of images with no original source? in my first 10 minutes i found two.

smitten kitchen does it again, yummm!

a reaction from the oatmeal to SOPA/PIPA.
how cute would this little plant be for a vday gift. they have a hot stuff one too, hehe!
i love this dress, The Dainty Squid: what I wore; a modern little red.
two gems from meg this week.
pretty food.
you can always count on Bright.Bazaar for some great color!
BASIL. PESTO. HANDMADE. ah, kinfolk. you're delicious. it's far, far to long before we have any basil that looks like that that can be made into pesto. i've only ever made pesto in the food processor, so i'm kind of excited to try this.

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Holly said...

I love your little Christmas mice! So cute!

I also thought the Oatmeal's SOPA/PIPA gif was awesome. :D

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