Sunday, November 4, 2012


even though i should have probably taken advantage of the fact that it feels an hour later than it actually is and and have gone to bed i didn't.

instead i'm here posting a monthly goal list. hello november. i've got a few good ones for you.

in november i would like too... consciously thankful every day. on our list of house projects
...decorate a cozy home for the christmas holiday a super fun shopping weekend
...develop well thought out christmas gift lists for myself and others.
...move my body more (habit) well, but don't overdo it

i had a thought the other day, self-care can't only be self-indulgence. tough one for me. i'm not sure where i'm going to take it from there.

november: elise. andrea, hula70. freckled italian, megan.

and now if the clocks hadn't fallen back the living room light would have gone out which signifies it time to sleep. sleep tight friends. wear a lovely scarf tomorrow.

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