Wednesday, July 13, 2011

free crappy portraits


freaking adorable. please pardon the shouting. but seriously. free crappy portraits

why didn't I think of this?!

...obviously a ginger. Last night, my buddies and I purchased a baby goat because my friend built a pen in his bedroom without his parent's knowledge. Technically, the cutie is property of one of my best friends, Noah, however, I'm the baby's father-in-law. This tender cutie's name is Seabass. He's our very best friend already and I really think it'd mean a lot to him if we had a quality portrait together...

You submit a picture and a quick story about yourself and they draw a not crappy portrait of you. 
I really need to send one of Matt & I. 


Kerry said...

This is so, so neat! I love the whole concept. Thanks for sharing xo

Allison Kaye said...

Haha this is so cool. I might need to try this! Thanks for sharing!
-Allison Kaye

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