Thursday, July 21, 2011

one day - the last post (for now)

I like weddings.

I picked out my dress style five years ago. I picked out my shoes five months ago. I picked out my photographer a year ago. but I don't have a ring. I do have a man. I bet he has a plan. I want to have plan. I worry every time I think about and start to plan one day, I ruin a bit of the special time that planning will be.

Since falling in love with Matt and watching our relationship grow my "one day" talk has ramped up. I tend to be half planning all of the time.  I feel like maybe it's come across as I'm more excited about the "big party" than actually being married to Matt. and that's something I need to fix.

I told him the other day that I wanted to stop talking about it until it was actually time to plan because that would make it more special. I really can't wait, but I want to wait. I want to have every bit of excitement that comes with the planning. This is my declaration, my blog pledge, no more talking about any big parties or one day occurrences until there's a ring on it.

This post was also inspired by Rachel's Lessons: Lesson #91: Learn more about weddings and marriage and figure out why you want to get married. on it.{I'm putting Sex at Dawn: in my cart as you read. In the comments Jes said, "I talked to him seriously about it and told him I want to get married TO HIM and not just married to say I was married." This is so true. I dream of a wedding, not excessively, but I think it will be such a fun time for everyone. Matt recently quoted someone, everyone thinks their wedding's special, and really it's just another wedding. sad. The weddings I see and dream about are so much more. They really are special for everyone. I certainly hope mine, one day, can carry that.}

Lesson #92: Think about why you’re not married. {I'm 26. In thank the baby Jesus that I didn't get married young and to my first boyfriend. We might both be dead now. Then I was busy with school and living in New York and then moving home. I know why I'm not married. Honestly, I'm not sure I expected to find that person, the one that I would marry, in the ninth person I dated last year.}

and particularly Lesson #93: Don’t joke about weddings; talk about marriage!
yep this one applies too, Lesson #94: Just be patient.

Really, I don't need much more than this to make me happy.


iris said...

You might find A Practical Wedding interesting. They talk a lot about how a wedding is just one day in the life of a marriage, etc. There's also some really good content on being "pre-engaged" and things to talk about before getting married (a sort of informal pre-marital counseling).

I know this comes after you've decided to stop thinking about weddings, so...

Sarah said...

Wise, wise words!!!! Funny how things go full circle. I found this blog through a practical wedding!

kate said...

It's crazy, I started reading Practical Wedding. It' such a great blog and has really put a lot of questions in front of us that we've answered together and well that we may not have discussed otherwise.

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