Sunday, July 3, 2011

write letters

21. write letters / 23. send postcards to strangers
Sorry friends {and strangers}, I promise to do better. I really want to bring letter writing in my life. Do you want a letter? I think I'd love to send you one. Leave a me a comment and I will!
I found this great blog that's appropriately called, Send More Mail. What an inspiration.
There are such great reasons to write letters, the special feeling the person you're sending it to gets, the chance they might write you back and, of course, the beautiful stationery {There are even Projects with stationery.} and postcards and stamps. {Do you think stamp collectors secretly wanted to pick special people in their lives to send their stamps to? To send them out into the world?}

I think a nice set like this from Renegade, Yellow Owl Workshop may be in order.


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