Friday, July 16, 2010

the lists

I love that my birthday is in July. I always had wonderful water-centric birthday parties as a lil one, and it's the middle of the year a chance to check in and maybe start some things over (or start some things at all). I'm also excited that my new found love of blogging has inspired to write these lists.

twentyfive before twentysix.
1. get active at least three two times a week
2. spend a weekend away, just me
3. visit my grandparents every six to eight weeks
4. make a fort in my living room and camp out for a weekend
5. road trip with no destination
6. learn to sew clothes (branch out from square purses and pillows)
7. ride my bike to work (buy a bike)
8. make and actively stick to a budget, if it's not in the budget don't buy it, no more retrospective
9. buy toms
10. go a week without the internet
11. journal every other day more
12. organize my life and keep it picked up
13. learn make frames for odd sized posters
14. participate in a blog or flickr challenge
15. research eating locally and seasonally
16. learn something and laugh everyday
17. live deeper
18. cook something new once a week
19. start & finish style school & tell your story
20. create a backyard oaysis
21. write letters
22. downsize, declutter
23. send postcards to strangers
24. fireworks & cedar point
25. learn to like the number twenty-six.

a look back to my ten goals for twentyTEN

1. Wear more orange! - oh yeah, more color in general, if that's possible!
2. Embrace life. Be strong and laugh loud. - working on it, still have hesitations, feel refocused on this!
3. Rock the crafty nerd that's inside. - no, but as fall begins i'll spend more time in my cozy craft room.
4. Take more pictures. -  about the same, but new subjects: yard, house, kitties!
5. Keep my home organized. - nope, chaos reigned. but it's so picked up now it feels great!
6. Restore the original beauty to the house. -  you know it! it looks amazing!
7. Create a history of the house to have for the library. - fall
8. Cook more yummy food and be a more focused cook. - about the same.
9. Grandma's Recipes & EIW Journal - fall
10. Get fit! - bought a membership, haven't used it. 

remember: "I hope you are a wonderful year! I can't imagine it not being one. That's my style."


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