Tuesday, July 6, 2010

welcome to july!

it's my favorite month because of sunshine, my birthday, summer is in full swing, time on the water, the boat, an occasional storm, loved ones, i just love it all!

seven things i want to do in july:

one. ring in twenty-five with a bang and my favorite people!
two. spend time in my house and yard that doesn't not include oodles of work.
three. walk more. talk more picture. be more. be me.
four. write my life list & a 25 things to do before 26.
five. visit my friends around the state!!
six. enjoy
seven. summer!

this is it, the wheatfield
i love, love, love wheatfield!!


quick june recap: just & now - i think i tried, but failed because of how i wanted this to go. i think by saying i wanted it to be just now, i was trying to hold something (see previous depressive posts) together that shouldn't have been. update - so well, except that most of it didn't even happen until july! haha. i will post pictures post bday bash/housewarming! it looks AMAZING! enjoy - i think i might have learned  more about this than anything. i realized that i'm scared if i don't get everything i want right now i'll be disappointed and unhappy forever. but then i opened my eyes and saw that all of the amazing people i know have had amazing chapters in their lives. i have to enjoy what is right now and try not to be a know it all. (and yes, i realize that this probably contradicts j&n)

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