Thursday, July 7, 2011

mindful eating

{Notice of Rambling Ahead. This is the post that I should have been writing after I made up my list of 25 before 26, not four days before my deadline's up. lesson learned.}

15. research eating locally and seasonally / 18. cook something new once a week
Fortunately, both Matt and I really enjoy cooking, but other commitments tend to get in the way. We're working to make meal plans, use leftovers and all the food we buy from the grocery. I've got to get him convinced to start taking lunches more often. I could stick little notes in his lunch, how sweet would that be.
A little blast from the past : When I first started blogging in 2009 I started a post about trying to meet my recommend daily value of fruits & vegetables.
In January I read about this blog, One Dollar Diet Project, when it was covered by the NYTimes. I appreciated their efforts for surviving on one dollar a day as so many people do in this country. One of the sacrifices they noted early on was a lack of the daily nutrients that we need.

It got me to thinking about how many people actually eat the recommend daily fruits and vegetables. I know I don't. I rarely eat fruit, consider it an achievement if I get one veg, and my carbs and fats are high. -April 18, 2009
I never did it, but wouldn't it be intriguing. Since then I'd say I've been eating healthier though. It's always something that takes work. I'm seriously such a glutton, I love food. I can't imagine a restrictive diet. Actually, the few times I have imagined it, I've rebelled against before I even started!

I've had these thoughts before...

There are things that I can do to be more mindful and seasonal about my eating. I just have to apply them everyday.

sheena of the little red house has blogged some really solid ideas about food. She cooks, "simple recipes with as many real, whole foods as I can cram in." Sounds good right? I like that she takes such pleasure in growing her food, teaching her readers, and challenging them to take steps to a more basic life. Don't worry, she's not afraid of a good burger!

If we're more thoughtful with our meals, use our leftovers and somehow avoid styrofoam but still go out to eat (love, love, love). (seriously people still use that junk?! surprise me every time. Would you carry your own 'tupperware' into a restaurant?

Blog reading is great opportunity to find seasonal recipes. I've posted this one before,  spaghetti with lemon and olive oil.

I'll leave you with this, which sort of applies.

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