Saturday, July 9, 2011


Somehow Blogger ate my whole post on clutter. jerks. Maybe it was good reminder to keep things simple[R].

-William Morris via
"When your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment."
Scientists find physical clutter negatively affects your ability to focus, process information | Unclutterer
(via unconsumption / PSFK) via SwissMiss

These two posts came within days of one another. It was a little sign that it was tackle the clutter in my life, followed by more and more.

The other day Kate of Kate's Irrelevant blog posed a question about what makes you happy.
"A lot of things make me happy... but a lot of things stress me out too. I think I'd like to take one of the things that causes me stress, my messy desk, and make it a day brightener with just some simple tidiness. Easier said than done."
On Monday it looked like this:

and on Thursday before I left for the weekend it looked like this:
Such a relief. The space, feels usable and open instead of cluttered and unproductive.

This is something I'm not alone in struggling with.  

Ashlee of Where My Heart Resides posted this book {from Diana} and it instantly went on my wishlist. I love that two weeks later she posted that she was still struggling with the clutter battle! It definitely kicked her into gear though, impressive decluttering of the bathroom!

So how did I do?

22. downsize, declutter  /  12. organize my life and keep it picked up
Oh friends, I tried. I would go on cleaning binges and get it to where I thought I would keep it up and then the CLUTTER seeped back in. Oh, I hate you clutter. Why do you knock me down so? This should be a top goal for my entire life.
I'm trying.
high on my organization list is this:

 The thing that stinks, it will be SO NICE once it's all done. I don't know why I don't just do it.

How do you stay on top of clutter?


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