Thursday, June 30, 2011

: rainbow

14. participate in a blog or flickr challenge 1/25
I did reverb10 five days out of the month. I'm definitely looking forward to that one again. Oh and I almost forgot, sevensix days of love.
Oh hey, look at this. I'm doing my own little version of Poppy Talk's Summer Colour Week. I think that fits right in with the rest. Guess what time of year it is... eleven days til my birthday!!! Expect some exciting reflective posts over the next few days!

My summercolour treasury in : rainbow

Monsieur IV print

Spring Daffodil Sideswe...

Send me a postcard...I ...

Poor Pitiful Pearl Baby...


wilybrunette said...

love reflective posts. i keep meaning to get around to the reverb prompts--i feel like they are so very good. maybe i'll let you serve as my inspiration. happy almost birthday!

monica said...

your posts are all so pretty!

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