Friday, June 24, 2011

blogging sense

Most blogs aren't very good when they start, so I'm okay with that. -No Meat Athlete

Don't mind me, I'm going to jump around a bit here...

I've seen the word curated mentioned a lot recently. It's made me realize that I really need to rethink how I'm following blogs and what I'm starring, sharing and saving. I currently have 325 [on 4/17] (512 6/17, 392 6/24)  starred items. It's too much.

I'm trying to distinguish what has been starred for my personal bookmarking (a whole other beast) and what's been starred to share here. I went back to the beginning of my stars and cleaned it up to 204 since the last time I posted a "link love" post. [written on 4/17]

Erin Sunday had a good reminder post about following blogs with substance. I'm working on this.

Apparently that Sunday in April I got my starred items down to 64, so I've starred A LOT in the past two months. I've got a lot of work to do. Way too many hours (three?) of workclicking I got it down from 392 to 185!

I want to be a better blogger, but right now I think focusing on regular blogging and finding my original voice might be the most important think. After I feel like I've established that I'd like to revisit these links from Amy.

Katrina of Pugly Pixel had some great advicea love letter to new bloggers.

In the process of cleaning up my starred posts I followed five new blogs/tumblrs. I never put these right in to a folder though to make sure I definitely want to follow them. 

I started nine new blog posts, instead of piling all my links int one, and updated several other posts I've started.
Of course now, I'm struggling with whether I want to keep clicking or if I need a break. Of course I want to the get the 185 down more! I suppose 178 will have to do for now. It's time to check at least a couple of thing in my real world to do list.


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Thanks for sharing that love letter to new bloggers from Pugly Pixel. That was really helpful to me. I've only been blogging a few months and its had its ups and downs. It takes a lot of work (reading and commenting other blogs) to get readers to come to your page.

It's nice to meet you!

Jessi said...

that letter is great!

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