Friday, June 17, 2011

Today's the DAY!

What day you ask? Why, Fill in the Blank Friday of course!

1.   The last movie I saw was something for Hell's Half Mile programming, "en coma" disjointed. Don't mind our... disjointed... website. They say they're working on it. If you're near Bay City the first weekend of October you should stop by. Lots of films for $5 each.

2.  I want to find the motivation I usually have in the mornings to get up and clean the house. clutter, clutter, clutter.

3.  Surprises are pretty exciting. I'd like to practice giving them more and maybe then I'd receive them more too ;). 

4.  The best accessory is a genuine smile.

5.  My favorite warm drink is  coffee, black please. Tea when I'm sick. Carmel Latte when I'm looking for a splurge or big pick-me-up.

6.  My favorite cold drink is water, trying to drink more. I also enjoy the occasional bloody mary and margarita. I have a lemon grass martini in Traverse City last February. I wouldn't mind one of those. Oh, and you can't forget a good beer. This is an impossible question for me, can you tell?

7.  Currently loving my weekend: dinner last night, ribs, with some of my favorite people in the world, Friday's off and Matt's taking the afternoon off, then we head to Greek Fest tonight, tomorrow's my baby cousin's high school graduation party, then Matt's family on Sunday! Pretty good, eh?!

Sam & Lu
sleepy kitties. i love how SPRAWLED Sam is. <3

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