Tuesday, April 12, 2011

reality check: budget

I overspent, not just spent, enough to buy this plane ticket in March:

$571 RT flight from Saginaw to London (MBS-LHR) 

A freaking (pissing!) flight to London from my home airport. And actually, nearly two...That's alarming.

Why is it so hard for me to stick to a budget? I cheated in February and told myself I succeeded because most of what I overspent came out of my savings. In March I put everything in the total spent column until the very end of the month. A portion of what I spent did come out of savings but not nearly that much.

One of my goals for my twenty-fifth year was not to not spend outside of my budget and I'm definitely not succeeding. NOTE: I AM NOT IN DEBT EITHER. I HAVE ENOUGH MONEY IN MY SAVINGS TO SPEND AS I DO. It's frustrating when I consider myself a responsible, money conscious person and yet I overspend like this. I'm not saving like I should be considering I own a home and love to travel or that I want a comfortable retirement.
"We hate to break it to you, but your financial priorities aren’t last-minute concert tickets or weekend-long birthday celebrations. They’re a little more serious than that: your priorities are making sure that you have enough money to sustain you in an emergency situation, enough to fund your life in retirement, and enough to finance your dreams." http://www.learnvest.com/pages/article/LV-Top-5-Have-A-Savings-Plan
When I read this it makes so much sense. I know budgeting is important. So this month I'm pledging to make a budget and honestly stick to it. If it's not in the budget I WILL NOT BUY IT. This will decrease my regular spending to a third of what I have been spending. A definite adjustment.

I'm happy to say that when I told Matt about my plan he asked, "What can I do to help." I love that kid, he's such a great guy.

From my twentyfive before twentysix:

"8. make and actively stick to a budget, if it's not in the budget don't buy it, no more retrospective"


9. buy toms

Seriously, that's what follows my be responsible grown up goal. follow a budget. Good, now buy something! sounds about right. so i'm actually going to use this as my goal.

If I stick to my budget, which will include the Tom's, I will purchase a pair at the beginning of May.

"TOMS Shoes was founded on a simple premise: With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what we're all about. The TOMS mission transforms our customers into benefactors, which allows us to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support." http://www.toms.com/our-movement/movement-one-for-one
I'm honestly excited to work towards this goal. Twelve days in and I am over half way to my budget. Money goes faaaast.

This is post 151, I was going to do a big hoopla but since I've been lagging in my posting I'm just saying hey, say hello if you would. I'd love to know who's reading.

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