Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Meet most of my Train4Change Team. 

Train4Change is a group of eleven Delta College women preparing to run a the Seahorse Sprint Triathlon in Climax, MI (between Kzoo and Battle Creek) Memorial Day weekend. It’s a .5 mi swim, 12 mi bike, and 5k run. We have the honor and pleasure of training with Carla Murphy. She is a Delta College Lifelong Wellness Professor and ran the Louisville Ironman Triathlon last August.

We’re making Our Miles Mean More We by training and collecting change for the Delta College MyAlert fund for students in crisis. People can pledge miles or give a straight donation to the Train4Change fund. Many of us were not doing any or much physical activities before training started and have now completed almost or over 100 miles and ran the Bay City St Pat’s 5k. I like to think we’re not only collecting change but changing our lives.

Activity is not my default setting (can you tell, I barely pick my feet up off the ground ;). I always knew that I would need a real motivator to get myself into a workout routine that would last for the rest of my life.  I've tried joining gyms and taking classes, but I fell short on consistency. The last time I ran was at 14 for basketball. That was 11 years ago. So when I overheard there was a group starting to train for a triathlon I knew it was time to take the opportunity right in front of me and start changing my life. Now, I've jogged/walked/meandered a 5k, and in 47 days I'll be participating in a TRIATHLON. 

The team has kept me honest about my motivation, by no means am in the gym every day yet. I am there at least three-four times a week, and I'm learning to understand my goals and motivations more. I'm also learning to appreciate my body. I got on the treadmill last week, and it seemed to know what it was supposed to do - my body, not the treadmill. It still wasn't easy, but it wasn't so hard. 

47 days from now I'll be swimming, biking and running my way through a triathlon. Wow.

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