Sunday, October 2, 2011


Remember these?

"i'm kate and matt is my wonderful boyfriend of nine months. we met through hell's half mile film festival film programming and ended up as a couple after making out on a stage {actually...} during the festival. it's pretty out of character for both of us. our favorite activities are drinking beers (or wine), eating, watching too much tv and joking about our cats lulu and sam . i'm so glad we all found our way to each other."

 Oh yeah, that happened.
Thank you, thank you. Free Crappy Portraits

Q. How was Hell's Half Mile?
A. Oh, good... Actually, I made out with a boy on a stage.

Happy one year Anniversary babe!!!

Disclaimer: We actually made out on a two step stage in an empty room... There was no cheering crowd, although I do believe our fellow programmers were cheering on the inside when they found out the festival brought us together. ;)

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Pretty Things said...

(Snort) Free Crappy Portraits, that name rocks. And so does how you met! And I LOVE the name Lulu for a cat. Alas, I have two boys cats, but one was named Vernon at the shelter, and that's a strange name for a cat!

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