Tuesday, October 25, 2011

good people.

As a generally happy girl it's surprising that sometimes I can have such an annoyed, grumpy disposition. It's something that I struggle with. All of the sudden I'll realize, oh, I was really short with that person. I wish I could have been a bit more patient. Why did I have to respond so negatively? I mean, obviously, I'm better than all of these people. So why can't they just get it? Then we'd all be happier Seriously this is how I feel I act. Do you struggle with this?

On the flip side, I have a story about people who were gracious and friendly.  On Friday I was running to a local market to pick up some things for our family get together. Matt was making brussel sprouts with bacon and maple syrup. mmm. As I'm heading to check out a woman and I arrive at the lane at the same time and I let her go ahead, her angle was better. When she saw me, she was very concerned that she'd cut. I assured her she had not. She explained that was shopping with a friend and wasn't sure where she was. When she realized that the friend was still shopping she insisted I move ahead of her in line. Thank you, thank you.

As soon as I got in line I realized I'd forgotten the apple cider I was craving. I asked the check out girl if they had some in stock, yes they did, but at that point I was blocked in on all sides of the aisle. I was going to have to leave with out my cider. Then the boy ahead of me, checking out with his mum, offered to go get me a gallon. Yes, yes please, I would love if you did that.

It was a good afternoon.

& just because

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Lace said...

Wow, I need to shop at your grocery store! haha :) I stinkin' love that card!(is it a card?) So funny :)

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