Friday, October 14, 2011

it's Friday!

1.   The most selfless thing I've ever done is escaping me. Maybe I'm not a selfless person. I am, I just got nothing for you.

2.   When it comes to working out I am trying to establish a lifelong routine. I've learned that I'm better off when I have someone to hold myself accountable to, a friend to swim with, classes with teachers that motivate me. 
My October goal of "Work out three - four times a week, plus at least once with Matt." is going ok, I've worked at least once each week but not at all with Matt. I'm thinking this weekend I'm going to change that. You ready buddy?
3.  A woman should always, I've got to go with Lacey's here, respect herself. "You can't expect someone to respect you if you don't respect yourself." 
Did you know it's domestic violence awareness month? I've found making jokes about it is a great way of letting people know. Which sounds worse than it is. I happen to have this giant bruise from giving blood last week (10 days and counting) and so I tell people Matt and I are doing an experiment to see if anyone notices my "injuries" because it's Domestic Violence Awareness month. People roll their eyes and laugh, but then they know.
4. I wish I could sleep in until I was ready to wake up and then I'd get a few chores done around the house, then head to work, but still get out before it was dark out or in the summer by 5 or so.

5.  A best friend is the person who knows all the good and bad and weird things about you and it makes them love you even more because that's what makes you you.

6.  I can't get enough of whining that it's not Fall-like yet, soon to be replaced by whining that I'm too cold.

7.  This weekend I am cooking squash if I make it to the farm on time, making sundried tomatoes (see below), finishing up my Fall clothes transitions, rethinking my Halloween decorations (see inspiration below),  CLEANING!, watching the Michigan State v. Michigan game, watching the Tigers try to beat Texas, more vegging and watching the tube while hanging with my love, blogging, reading, probably seeing parents, and that about sums it up. 
{which is weird to say because I used to be a Michigan fan. It's questionable I'm sure to change sides, but I'd rather root together than have a split household. Each of us would have to claim a cat as a fan of their respective team. That'd be hilarious. Michigan's fight song is still better.}


Matt & I were featured on Free Crappy Portraits: film festival. so silly. Aren't the internets great?

There's some serious Halloween/crafty/Fall inspiration popping up, with just 17 days until that spooky night. oragmi bats, festive wreath made of ties, impressive mantle (from Rachel D's link up), holy crapy how beautiful is this family and the photos from Arrow & Apple? I've definitely found a new blog to follow.

I follow Sheena from the little red house because of her beautiful photos, yummy foods she cooks up for her sweet family. This week her I am. post stirred controversy, and I have to give her props for sharing her Mormon faith. I'm not a religious {apparently, I don't even know how to spell it} person in the slightest and consider myself agnostic, but I think what she shared has a space and a weight that I wanted to share with you. Religious or not, be kind to yourself and others.

I am glad that Sheena blogs. Today she's sharing her senses, and I'll be happily making sundried tomatoes thanks to the reminder. I am also stealing the senses prompts.


Craving: the Mandarin House sesame chicken we'll be having for dinner. mmm. It's going to be such a good food weekend.

Seeing: fall colors vibrant on the trees.
{I have a whole post planned about how much I love this tumblr.}

Smelling: the imaginary delicious aromas of pizza I decided we should make this weekend. I'm thinking tomatoes, zucchini, onions, squash, bell pepper. reminiscent of this.

Making: sundried tomatoes, squash smorg, fried eggs for toast.
Watching: football, Knocked Up, Parks & Rec

Wondering: Are you enjoying my blogging? I've done it every day this month.

Quoting: "I have looked down the long days of our lives together, she said & in all directions, there is no future without love" -storypeople

Anticipating: A relaxing and productive weekend. I had been planning to go away, but forgot to actually make the plan, so it's like we have a ton of found time and I hope to make the most of it.

Loving: that today is the first day I'm wearing tights. hello Fall.
Feeling: chilly but ok with it. I need to invest in some legwarmers.

There is something I really love about this post. Sharing bits of life and what I'm excited about.

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