Monday, October 10, 2011

lucky kitty glass

Tonight brings us another episode of How I Met Your Mother. Do you think he will ever meet her? I'm not sure. I think he will continue to just Mosby up the Lily & Marshall story. That is something Matt likes to refer to when we watch. I'll have him find some links to share just what that means.

I'm really posting this to ask you a question or maybe ask a favor. Have you ever seen these kitty drinking glasses? They're the lucky Chinese cats you see in Asian restaurant. There's one at our favorite sushi place.

Incase you missed it.
 So... Chinese lucky drinking glasses, any leads? Thanks friends.

PS. A funny story. When the scene first started I noticed the glasses right away and had already rationalized to myself that we really didn't need these and we might never use them. Then Matt noticed them, looked at me and said, we need those. Do you see what they are?! :) I love him, no doubt about it.

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