Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Goals

FALL 2010

It's been a while since I've done a monthly goals post, and I'm in the mood. So here we go!

one . Work out three - four times a week, plus at least once with Matt.
two .. Track my eating habits again. Make some improvements.
three ... Drink more water.

(Can you tell I'm feeling a little frustrated with some body/health issues issues after a couple of months of slacking?)

 The first day didn't go so well. Gosh darn El Mex, but I admit, it was totally a conscious decision.

four .... Celebrate the Fall season fully with apples, squash, cider, leaves, and Halloween. October's a pretty great month, eh?

five ..... Do a serious "Fall" spring cleaning. Keep the house picked up and start sticking to a cleaning schedule. (I wrote one last December. I need to put it into action, for reals.)

six ......  Budget. I'm pretty excited, for two months in a row I've not overspent my goal amount! woot! This month I'd really like to keep it up. I need to really step up my efforts to save.

seven ....... Keep cooking. I've really enjoyed cooking these past couple of wees, months?, and as the fresh food starts to diminish I'm afraid I'll lose my inspiration. Squash and trying new recipes should keep me in the kitchen though.

Do you write out goals for the month? Are you good at sticking to them? (look at me putting bold questions at the bottom of a post, feeling very bloggery.)

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