Friday, March 25, 2011

today, we fill in the the blanks

"Today is Friday: the day we fill blanks." love that.
1.   My most prized possession is  probably my home as whole, I've put a lot of work into it with my family. I look forward to starting new projects soon, and making a home with Matt when he moves in. It's going to be fun incorporating his style/furniture!

2.  If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be I always say seven, spending the summer on the lake with my summer bff Jill, there's just something ideal about that age. I had an incredible imagination and could play for hours, I still can but there was something incredibly innocent and fun about that age. I'm also excited to see how the next few years play out, life is full of possibilities right now. 

3.  The best way to spend a weekend is sleeping in, veg, catch up on the Soup if we didn't watch it Friday night, cook something yummy, maybe a bit of shopping, more yummy food, catching up on my google reader, a bit of cleaning, yard projects if it's warm, house projects if it's chilly (this weekend I'm tackling my ridiculous craft room), lots of snuggling, pjs, movies or tv series catch up, ugh I love weekends! And then there's the weekend when you get to go away, almost counting the days to Chicago!

4.  My outlook on life is take everything in stride and with a smile. I smile a lot, I feel lucky to have a positive attitude about life and the ability to find joy in many situations. Don't get me wrong, I get crabby, a lot but I know I'm being ridiculous. 

5.  If you want to annoy me, just be unfriendly or ignorant. If everyone had a bigger heart, I think we'd be better off as a world. 

6.  I am completely defenseless when it comes to food and laziness, an awful combination.

7.  When dressing for the day one should  put on whatever makes them feel happy and pretty (or handsome in the case of gents). Don't worry about rules, just worry about what looks most flattering on your body and what makes you feel good. I think I'm going to go with Lauren's response here, she put it really well.

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