Tuesday, March 1, 2011

marching into march

so welcome to a new month. we're going to go a little random today, because that's the best.

this morning i made a list. my first of many this month hopefully. i need to keep myself on track and lists will help! what's on this list you ask, well i was just about to tell you. CHANGE CAT LITTER, PICK UP MAIN FLOOR AND SWIFFER, FINISH LAUNDRY. it's not a very exciting list, but you see we cleaned (and cleaned and cleaned) the house on saturday. it feels great and it needs to stay that way! so lists must be made and tasks must be completed. do you call these chores? i'm 25 and have chores.

did you know there's probably (hopefully, omg i hope with every fiber of me) going to be a 70 degree day in the next 31 days. and then it's april. and april showers bring may flowers!

who wouldn't that?

planting, green, growth, fresh, thunderstorms, skirts, bare legs, flip flops, freckles. sunkissed.  it's all right around the corner. this is probably the most optimistic i've ever felt going in to march. i'm just pretending there isn't also a chance of a giant snow storm as well.

check out these beautiful jeans from Nine in the Morning. i particularly love the image in the upper left hand corner.

do you Bright Side? great companies, special giveaways. you should.

$30 for a pair of flips, even if made of recycled is a bit steep for me.
i'm an old navy two pair for $5 girl.

this could be color for the season.
or at least the rest of the post, but probably the season too.

last night i had a lesson in gluttony. we went out to dinner at local Harvey's and i proceeded to gorge myself on their delicious seasonal menu. potato wedges with blue cheese and bacon, tomato soup, brushetta burger. and here's the stupid thing, i knew before i even started my burger i was overfull, but proceeded to eat half of it, and thought i was going to burst. no good. lesson learned. 

then i bought goggles so i can swim straighter and get more exercise. i have reached a new chapter in my life. oh! i totally registered for the st pats 5k RUN yesterday in Bay City. my tri team is doing it as a group. i'm hosting an oatmeal smorgasbord. do you think they'll want bloody mary's?! no, probably not. that's ok, i never need an excuse to enjoy a bloody mary.

i think i will leave you with, three things for March, the three things i most want to accomplish for the month.


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Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Oh, those jeans are positively GORGEOUS!

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