Thursday, March 10, 2011

to my...

While searching for a song that played on Lights Out episode five (see music/mixtape Monday post on Monday), I stumbled across this article from one of the creators (I totally just forgot how to spell that word) of the To My Husband tumblr. I posted quotes for Husband & Wife on this week's Starry RoundUp (Yes? No?) Check it out, now there are two more to my's...

TRUE: YOU ARE ON A DIET please don’t whine. its for your own good.
FUNNY: A TRAVELING WE WILL GO If we’re leaving on a jetplane, I’m buying you a seat. None of that riding with the other animals business.

DUDE We are never not talking shit about you.

To clarify, because I was confused at first, this the wife's manfriend not girlfriend. I like how these could be interchangeable for the husbands or the wives. We'll see how this one grow, I'm not super impressed.

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