Monday, March 21, 2011

46:57 / pace 15:07

Yesterday I ran (jogged/walk) my first 5k. I finished in 46:57, at a pace 15:07. 8 weeks ago, I wasn't doing ANYTHING! If I can do it, get off my ass, you can do it.

(So You Think You Can Dance version, 67 days until the season premier!) When this song came on I was able to kick up my walking speed to the beat. Maybe if I'd just listened to this on repeat, I could have finished in 45 minutes. There's always next time! Because, that' the thing, now that I've started I NEED to keep it up.

I was able to run the race with a great group of women, my train4change mates. It makes a world of difference to have people cheering me on from the sidelines, and cheering my mediocre time. :) The slowest and the youngest of the group. More about them in an upcoming post and what this train4change thing actually is. 70 days until the triathalon!!!

I'm rounding out today's post with two giveaways:
one. Lomography from the Dainty Squid.
two. Organized Simplicity and Magnets from Lisa Leonard Designs.

993 % to goal   .   50 kits   .   $54,594   .

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thobeka said...

cheers to you!! my goal was do a 5k this year... it's still a goal :)

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