Wednesday, November 17, 2010

it's beginning...

thankful for: my orange boots. [not being afraid of color, wearing five different, solid blocks of color today. maybe too much of good thing.]

yesterday my friend posted some christmas music lyrics on facebook, which interestingly caused a debate that it's to soon to even think about xmas vs. we're so full of holiday cheer we need an extra few days to celebrate. i'm definitely in the latter group. (i love that word, even though (or maybe because) i always go back and reread the latter statement to double check i understood correctly.)

i haven't always been this way. i remember about six years ago being disgusted that they couldn't even wait until the day after thanksgiving to start in on the christmas music. but this year i'm ready for the holiday season already! maybe it's because life moves faster now and i want time to enjoy my holiday decorations. maybe it's because i have my own home to decorate and love displaying my special seasonal items. maybe it's because i decorated for halloween in mid-september and i'm ready for something new. whatever the reason, the holiday spirit bug has bitten me. i'm excited. i won't pull out the decorations until after thanksgiving, but i can dream (and start on/gather little projects) to my hearts content

how beautiful is the christmas scene at lost river modern?
 set up by the lovely couple behind something's hiding in here.
i want to fill my porch with these sparkly tinsel wreaths!
 oh, hello friend has a great collection of advent calendars.
i love the variety of this one from sperobene
 i love rachel's practical yet still special one too.
what would you tuck away in your advent calendar? 
ah, grinning at my finger knitting success.
working on finding the original tutorial, via elsie's beautiful nook (and blog) 
speaking of elsie you should probably follow these links too:
they'll surely put you in the holiday spirit!

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