Friday, June 25, 2010


sleeeep. i guess i needed it. fell asleep at about 10:15p watching an old L&O: CI and with the exception of feeding the cats at 10:30a didn't wake up until 12:45p. holy moly people. i'm a solid nine-hour sleeper when i have the chance, but nearly 15 hours! yikes. you'd think i'd just played nine hours of tennis!

this really through my plans for the day out the window: bank, laundrymat, general productivity, as i still needed my slow weekend morning/afternoon to wake up. i made breakfast, read my book, snuggled kitties, sent an email that needed to be sent and caught up on my google reader. i successfully wasted five hours! (before heading out to post golf-outing dinner!)

i hope for a restful yet productive weekend:

tape, tape, tape.
empty and wash shelves in dining room and library.
wash bathroom and library walls.
see family and go deaf at river roar. (which i can hear from my house! well the concert tonight, i'm not sure about the boats.)
see friends and relax. 

all the paint and primer i bought a few weeks ago, waiting to go on the wall! it'll be good times.

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