Friday, June 11, 2010

home inspiration overload!

it's been six months since i started bookmarking inspiration - the only thing i was good at for style school! and i have so much. the two-five is just a month away and there is much to do (big party/open house the day before). i think boiling the inspiration down is a great place to start.

i really, really love the pieces of original art and how rachel displays them. i think i'm going to take the art that inspires me and create my own version. my personal version. because that's what i can do at this point, i absolutely want to purchase original pieces some day but that's in the budget at this point.

i wound up with a house that has more shelves than even i can use, including a library! i love the idea of a quote there, in playing with the ideas of painted shelves, and have an amazing curly cue tree that is losing it's branches!

to do & more links!
  • hit garage sales this weekend to find goodies, even if temporary, for shelves! (oh my goodness! or wonderful plates to stencil) or fun projects with flash cards!
  • take camera and go on letter hunt!
  • buy handles for side table. not very functional if you can't open the drawers!
  • magazine  holders. seriously. 
  • buy wonderful sewing machine with table. for tv wall!! (seriously, ten bucks how can you pass it up?!)
  • i love the use of these spools as a hose hanger

i think my next step will be making a real to do list for all these projects and figuring out when everything can and needs to be done!

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