Friday, June 11, 2010

i can't pass up a good fill in the blank!

I love... my kitties, my family, inspiration, myself, feeling safe and happy.

Right now I want... to be right where i am, hopeful, inspired, and excited.

I feel like... i should probably get moving, the day is slipping away!

I hate it when... i don't know or understand what is going on!

I fear... i won't ever feel complete or balanced.

I'm lonely without... everyone and no one.

I need... loved ones, good food, laughter, sunshine, lazy days, books, kitties.

Today I... am going to buy paint for my house, finish my home inspiration blog post, and go bowling.

Tomorrow I'm... weeding the evil vine out of my yard, mowing, cleaning, and doing laundry. the stuff that needs to be done!

I just... want to be...

I want to meet... myself at seven and myself five years from now and have dinner. that would be so cool.

I'm hungry for... Chicken BBQ pizza. < yeah that sounds good!

I love it when... i just feel happy and relaxed.

I'm afraid of... not realizing myself as who i could be.

I'm listening to... Regina Spektor Pandora, lawns being mowed, birds chirping!

I'm wearing... pjs

I wish I was in... his arms

I want to get... so much! you should see my wishlist. i want to get my mum a bday gift from someplace downtown and myself these things from i love lune:

ordered!! my second etsy purchase!! :)

I can't... wait to see what happens next!

I'm nervous to... see what happens next!

I feel happiest when... i'm sitting in back yard enjoying the trees and sky and birds and maybe a good book.

(via and this is what she said)

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