Tuesday, June 1, 2010

holy june where did you come from?!

oh life, where have you gone with the first five months of twenty ten? i'm oh so happy it's june, and i certainly don't want to go back but "holy june where did you come from?!"

and as it is june first i spent the last few hours of may thinking about what i wanted my words to be and how i did with may's. well i don't think i'm super pleased with may but i'll write about that tomorrow. today is about looking forward.


. Just . Update . Now . Enjoy .
Just . breathe, be, relax. don't over think. just take in the moment. enjoy it Now. i'm such an over thinker and i really just almost missed an opportunity because of it. and Now i'm here Just Enjoying it. i'm hoping it'll keep going, wherever that is. i'm Just along for the ride.

Update . paint, wood, color, natural, art. putting some of my style on to the walls of my home. the wood was uncovered in may and now the yellow and orange will soon cover the white. it will feel like my place in so many more ways. i think i will do a little etsy art window shopping soon. and maybe make some purchases.

Now . don't overplan the house, don't over think the path, don't get distracted by the unimportant. just be here Now, and focus on what you can accomplish today, in this moment, in this month. tonight i'm going to go home and make a list of all the things that i want to do in my house. and then i will figure out what i can do between now and seven*eleven and the big two*five.

Enjoy . sensing a theme? don't worry, Just Enjoy. maybe if i focus on one task, of having a fully enjoyable month right here and Now. i'll come back in july feeling relieved that i finally accomplished my goals for the month. let's hope! relieved and refreshed and ready to turn twenty-five. 

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