Wednesday, June 20, 2012


the promise.  it's here!!!

 downtown bay city

elise & paul's manifesto

kyla's summer intentions
ali's summer manifesto and project
lisa's summer checklist 2011
elsie's summertime goals 2011
summer to do (snagged lots of ideas here) 2011
kyla's summer love goals 2011

my foot / my list

vacation with matt to the upper peninsula
buy a bicycle and ride it. 
pick blueberries
have a cookout for friends
picnic in the park
purge and organize the craft room and main floor closet and library
rock boat weekend
mini vacation with momma
do a picture a day
spend at least one day floating on a lake, at least once
celebrate birthdays with love and fun
fresh, local, simple foods and dinners
grow our own stuff
wrap a light string around the apple tree
chicago in the midst of it
get out of the house once a day
walk to get ice cream
visit as many great lakes as possible
make a list like this
make a book to record it all

birthday card, roses
more goodies

jo's essential summer blanket
when in doubt
cheap summer ideas
road trip tips with kids
beach tips with kids
(really i think these can almost always be modified for adults)

one day this will be on the list.

last year's List

Swim in a GREAT LAKE. DANCE in the rain. Have backyard BONFIRES. Stay up late and listen to a THUNDERSTORM. Take more PICTURES with my love. 
What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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