Wednesday, June 13, 2012

+ links + cats (in the meantime)

since a full blanks + insta + links post seems a little far off (i have 80 things on my to do list tonight & friday.) here are some links from a few weeks ago.

a lovely idea, could be very sweet for an anniversary.
flower seeds in the mail.
ha, ha maddie. there are some great shots this weekalways.
matt loves sandwiches, i'll be following this project closely.

catstagrams from last night. 
windows open. 
looking for a little zen as our biggest decision creeps up on us.
three venues to choose from.
i think i know.
but we're going to break down the numbers
do a pro/con list
and hash it out TOGETHER.

the wheatfield. her prints shine.
it makes my eyes pop open.
new desktop. no question.

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