Saturday, June 16, 2012

hotel v. country club

bay city country club:

cassandra + shane / allie siarto

mike + kendra / patrick hadley

the doubletree - bay city

melissa + aj / paul retherford

becka + bob / collier studios

we're currently waiting to hear back from both venues with some answers to our questions before we commit to either. 

both are beautiful and have as many positives as the other.

that balcony in the ready room, the closeness to home, a downtown feel.
these things are making me lean towards the double tree.
but our preferred date is gone. 
but we're flexible.

the balcony for our ceremony location, three separate areas for celebrating, a chef who is excited to create a seasonal menu and work with his clients.
these things makes me lean towards the country club.
but it's far away (20 minutes) and a country club with funny looking bathroom wall paper.
 but there are fireplaces and a willow tree.

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