Tuesday, September 27, 2011

fun stats and facts

I love learning about my blog Stats.

Fun fact: On September 16th the Barilla Babies post tied with my Teach for America - Essay post for most pageviews ever. 
TFA - Essay / barilla babies Babies have now surpassed TFA by 13. :)

is a virtue recently posted about how readers find her. I thought that was fun to read, so I'm doing my own.

kate monthly - I think you're looking for the Seattle Lesbian, but thanks for visiting. I am liking the idea of posting my monthly to do's again.

5k/triathlon playlist - I loved them. Did you? Still need to do a race recap

katie daisy - I've gushed about my love for her prints for sures. I hope you find your way to her shop, The Wheatfield & blog.

go find yourself - This crazy quote filled post is something that I would star and save for later myself. Obviously lots of others do to. I hope you do find yourself.

I'd like to declare it fully fall, friends.

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