Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where We Started / HHM

This delightfully awkward photo was taken a year ago this evening. 

This is where we started.

Matt and I had been programming (picking films for Hell's Half Mile Film & Music Festival) together for the past six months, but this was the first time we had more than a short conversation. Actually, I thought he was kind of a jerk. Sorry babe.

I think if we hadn't talked during the Block Party we wouldn't have felt as comfortable talking during the Filmmaker's reception Saturday night and we would have never... Actually, that's the story for Saturday.

September 29 - October 2, 2011, the sixth year of Hell.

Kate's Recommended Film Viewing Schedule:

5-8p Open­ing Night Street Party Washington St.
8:15p Maria My Love*** @State

6:00p Fea­tured Shorts*** @State {Q & A w/Rider & Shiloh Strong & Alexan­dra Bar­reto lead by ME!}
9:00p Color Me Obsessed*** @State {Q & A w/Gorman Bechard, Jan Radder, Lynn Mancinelli lead by Matt!}
11:00p Eye of the Sandman*** @Masonic {bring your eye patches!}

1:00p Shorts Pro­gram 2*** @Masonic {Q&A with Hard to Come By director lead by me!}
1-2p Film­maker Panel*** @Planetarium
2:30-3:30 Microbudget Filmmaking w/Gorman Bechard*** @Planetarium
3:30p Rid of Me @State
6:00p The Lake Effect***  @State
8:30p Girl­friend*** @State
11:00p Boy Won­der @State
5-7p Film­maker Recep­tion* @Masonic is where I'll be.
8:00p Music Fes­ti­val** @Masonic

12:00p Shorts Pro­gram 2*** @State
2:00p Shorts Pro­gram 1*** @Masonic {Q&A with Spirit of Isabel director, Robert Butler lead by me!} /Didn’t make it to opening night? See Maria My Love*** @State
4:00p The Scen­esters @Masonic/Took a break during previous screenings? See Fea­tured Shorts*** @State /  Rid of Me @Planetarium
7:00p  Ford­son:  Faith, Fast­ing, Football*** @State

**Music Night
The Crooked Trees

*All Access Pass Holder Only 

***Filmmakers in Attendance!

25 filmmakers will be in attendance, including Rider Strong - "Boy Meets World, my ass! Boy meets YOU!" via

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