Friday, February 4, 2011


now you. and if you borrow this from my blog - go ahead and link back to her's. i'm just the messenger.
1.   If I could only read one magazine publication for the rest of eternity, I would choose New York magazine, news/social/pop/puzzles. yes please.

2.  If I were to run my own magazine it would be a mix, beautiful photos, accessible fashion, well written stories and news articles, recipes, quotes, a dash of pop culture, puzzles. (hmm maybe this should become my goal with my blog - what would i read in my favorite ideal magazine?)

3.  I buy my magazines via subscribe to NYmag, starting a W subscription, and impulse buy Real Simple/RachelRay

4.  I prefer my magazines definitely in my hand it's the smell and the roll-up-ability, ooh and glossiness.

5.  The number of magazines I buy each month is maybe one extra in addition to my subscriptions. I barely keep up as it is, who am I kidding I don't!

6. My favorite magazine genre is  news/popculture combo.

7.  The magazines I read regularly are NYmag, this feels redundant, sorry. ...occasionally Real Simple, Rachel Ray, Self.

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