Sunday, February 6, 2011

impromptu liveblogging - superbowl commercials

if nothing else, watch the Chrysler|Detroit video.

tonight Matt and I are watching the Superbowl - correction we computer clubbing with the Superbowl on in the background - and I was watching the commercials. I decided to liveblogfacebook my thoughts. I will now share these nuggets of wisdom.

what?! the doritos brought grandpa back to life?!! crazy.
Eminem you don't do commercials? You're in two - that I know of. (Lipton Brisk)
Chevy Cruze, that's just creepy and definitely unnecessary. (facebook in the car)
Next year, I propose a giant game of tag for the half time show. This isn't very good.
spontaneously live blogging (facebooking) sb commercials exciting until the commercials start to disappoint. favorites so far: bridgestone & carfax. literal lol.
weird... making penelope cruz look like kiera knightly. cram it in the boot.
adrian, stella. it's love
Nice. Chrysler, Detroit (seriously, watch it.)
seriously, mcd's your commercial wasn't that good in the first place.

Bridgestone! another good one. props to the beaver. 

bless you peppers. sneezing kitty<3 (and i don't even like the baby.


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