Monday, January 17, 2011

it started last monday and ended thursday

One of my goals for this year is to "Run a (baby) triathalon." I have a trainer and supporting team and everything. Seriously, I'm going to go from couch to TRIATHALON in five months. I haven't started training yet so in the meantime...

I'm also P90Xing with Matt. We've been talking about it for about a month and were supposed to start the first week of the new year (resolutions!)  but put it off since I was still sick. A week ago it started. I definitely had my, well I'm not really in the mood, I'm cold, I don't wanna moments, but I faked my way through them and we did it! 60 minutes of back work, 15 minutes of abs.The thing with P90X is you have to do it every day and it's long and I pinched a nerve stretching. (lame!) So Friday I was in pain, Saturday we slept in and undecorated for xmas :( and Sunday... we ordered pizza. I really believe in the fact that it's about learning to make a lifestyle change though, so four days is good for the first week.

So we start again get back at it tonight. And next week I start training for the tri.

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