Sunday, October 24, 2010

my name is kate...

 nearly one thousand?!?!?!!!?
over FIFTY thousand?!!?!!!!

oh yeah, i think this is a problem. i've got it down to 10 things i want to post to my facebook, but i've just posted and don't want to overwhelm the stream. or things i might blog about shortly. plus i have an email full of links to save on my home computer. (have i heard something about google bookmarks?) or music to download and oatmeal cartoons i heart but i'm not sure what to do with. will the change my life? NO. but some little part of me says they will. i think this means i'm a google reader hoarder. i'm suddenly going to start blogging because of this, this inspired me SO much... yeah. 

{how do you manage your reader subscriptions?} 

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