Tuesday, May 4, 2010


happy tuesday. pink tights and a pretty dress make katy a happy girl. it's the little things that i find happiness in and without them, well life just wouldn't be as great. 

it's the fourth day of may already, but it took me awhile to nail down just three words for the month (remember i did this back in february, maybe a reflection post would be nice.)

myself, awesome, art journal, yard

myself: you know, i'm a pretty selfish person and i mean this in the best of ways. i stick with what makes me happy, what makes me feel comfortable, what i know. but what i want to accomplish for myself this month is to improve. to improve my ability to carry on a conversation without relating it to myself, just listening. and to really focus on eating right and moving my body. just starting in small ways is all i can ask for now.
awesome: eh, kind of a cop-out word, but who doesn't want life to be awesome? i really want a well rounded, awesome month.
art journal: i bought acrylics and two fancy pens. now i just have to follow the prompts and see where this can lead me. yes i signed up for another elsie (&rachel) class! now i just need to get my but in gear! hehe

yard: eek! there is so much to do. weeds to be pulled, dead to be cut away, dreams to be had underneath the white blossoms of a crab apple tree. i have to be patient because it is just may. i can't do any planting, but i can get it ready. i can plan.

love, kate



dang share those prompts! I couldnt sign up


lol that is what I meant, share your pages, dont get upset!

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