Friday, May 7, 2010


today it's rainy and oh so cold in michigan, and it's dramatically effecting my mood. i made plans with a friend before i slid into this glumness that's striking me at the moment and seriously considered backing out. but i was reading sometimes sweet and she said, "There are definitely days when I actually decide to have a shitty day- I do not choose happiness, and in a way I almost give in to the negative emotions that are always swirling around in my brain."

i know i do that way to often, instead of actively trying to be positive and change my mood i just give in. today i'm not going to give in!

somedays, the pink tights and flowered dress moments aren't right in front of me, but they are just around the corner. 
i would never say my life is hard, but sometimes it's not perfectly easy. 

love, kate

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