Sunday, February 10, 2013

blueprint prints for valentine's day

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day shared these adorable and giant valentine's last week. They reminded me of the customized prints on A Beautiful Mess. So I thought it'd be fun to personalize one or two for the upcoming lovey dovey holiday.

And it really was! A project that I don't have to leave my couch to do, that I can do while watching skiing, heck yes! I did my desaturation to get close to similar levels. The second photo had already been processed through vscocam so I think there's an extra hightened exposure causing the blur there. It was taken the morning Matt and I made the engagement officially, official with a ring and a proposal. 

I didn't go as big as I could, just 18x24". But we'll be moving someday and probably won't get muchg of a chance to hang them. What am I going to do with two 18x24" prints? I'm not sure, but it sure will be fun to see them in person and gift them to Matt.

ps. holy crap! A blog post, a real one, where I actually did something with the cool stuff I saw online. Not original content but something cool anyhow.

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