Friday, August 19, 2011

Fillin'em In

Happy Friday. 
Today is my first Friday at work since May 20th (I think). We work extended hours Monday - Thursday through Summer and then have Friday's off. It's great to have Friday's off but I'm not as productive as I should be during those days. Usually I say, "f- this shit, I'm watching Supernatural." So it's been nice to go back to productive afternoons after work even if it means working Fridays.

I’m very much looking forward to this weekend. We have yummy dinner and drinks at a fantastic house this evening with some family friends. Then tomorrow we’ll celebrate my friend’s daughter’s third birthday, but first I hope to get some cleaning and organizing done around the house. Maybe a bit of yard work too. Sunday we’ll either be heading to Ann Arbor to the Arbor Brewing co for lunch (a Groupon, of course) or sticking close to home. Either way it’s going to be overall a relaxing, friend filled, productive weekend. Kind of the best.
 1.   My idea of pure perfection would be a kitchen filled with delicious foods and infinite cooking patience and inspiration, loved ones gathered around a table laughing til they peed and enjoying a full stomach.

2.  Trust & honesty makes the world go 'round. (I'm not sure it does, but that sounds quite respectable.)

3.  If it weren't for  work  I'd  be at home working in the yard and reading under the tree. (ahem, see above. Maybe not.

4.  Bloggers are so completely inspiring and my favorite ones really know how to share their lives and make me smile. 
{I've decided I'm going to go through the 155 blogs (and feeds - groupon, airfare watchdog, etc.) I subscribe to and while doing a blog roll for my blog describe why I follow each one of them. I think taking a critical look will help me lower the number of blogs I follow and appreciate them more.}

5.  If I had two dollars I'd buy you  and I each a Peace Tea. mmm. I'll take Cylon, which I love extra because it sounds like an alien.

6.  I'm glad it's Friday because Friday means the weekend and what's not to like about that.

7.  Something I'm excited about is  Matt's birthday next weekend. I need to finish planning and I hope to make it a really special weekend for him. He's not big in to the birthday's (his), not that I'm surprised. I know what I have so far he will love.

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The Many Colours of Happiness said...

It sounds like your weekend was wonderful! I like what you said about going through the ones you follow, it's a really good idea :) I find myself sometimes following people because they follow me, and then neither one of us reads the other's blog. It's all very silly.

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