Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 in twenty11

Our New Year's Eve was quite lovely. One of my bestest and her hubby came to "do the shit out of some cheese," play board games and ring in the new year. I'm fighting a sinus infection so I wasn't as high energy as I would have liked, but I suppose if that's my only complaint I'm doing good. And that brings us to today, the day for making resolutions and reflecting on the year past. We'll start there. 

10 things for 2010!

1. Wear more orange! Yes ma'am.
2. Embrace life. It became my word of the year.
3. Rock the crafty nerd that's inside. Not so much, but I've got quite a stock of fabrics and papers to craft with now.
4. Take more pictures. 924 photos in the last 12 months. 
5. Keep my home organized. Much better than a year ago.
6. Strip all the wood downstairs and pull the carpets! SO Amazing.
7. Create a history of the house. Nope.
8. Cook more yummy food and be a more focused cook. I'd say so.
9. Compile all of Grandma's recipes. Nope.
10. Get fit! Nope.

Seven out of 10 ain't bad! I'm quite proud of myself actually! Of course it's time for 11 in twenty11!

mine or from

11 in twenty11
1. Take an academic course.
2. Sew (crafty goodness!).
3. Run a (baby) triathalon.
4. Get a tattoo (or two).
5. (Look into) taking piano lessons.
6. Clean up and keep my computer organized (and blog reader).
7. Compile Grandma's recipes and history of my house.
8. Spend more time outside. 
9. Make and stick to a budget. 
10. Stick to a cleaning schedule.
11. Make more lists. (a list of lists?!)

hold me to 'em ya'll!! 

Two things I really liked from two of my favorite blogs.

At this point, I’m a little more than I thought I could be and a little less than I always dreamed I would be. -IndieJane 

... suddenly there's so very much that seems possible -wilybrunette

ps. I don't actually say ya'll or ain't in real life.

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wilybrunette said...

lol, i don't say y'all in real life either (and i'm from texas!). i love resolutions. good luck keeping to 'em.

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